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Anne Alyse Ostis, L.Ac., MTCM, CMT  License #AC15857
321 Los Gatos Saratoga Rd.  Los Gatos, CA. 95030  (408) 691-7694​

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"Anne Alyse has an excellent technique and is able to quickly attend to the individual needs of the client."
Stephen Bannister, M.D.

"Anne Alyse is focused and complete in her transactions with others.  She has the personality to accept others easily without judgment.   I have found Anne Alyse's body-recognition work to be a powerful catalyst for change. As a student of my Holographic Body Works class, Anne Alyse has shown rapid proficiency of all techniques and is now certified in Holographic Body Works Cranial Techniques."
Doug Mitchell, Doctor or Chiropractic

"I have been going to Anne Alyse for a few years now. She has really helped me to regulate my peri-menopausal hormones, my thyroid condition and my tendinitis with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Her caring and gentle ways keeps me coming back.  I highly recommend her."
Kelly Herz, Education Specialist

"Anne Alyse's skills are strong clinically due to her deep knowledge of physiology. But her real strength lies in her intuitive ability to sense a client's 'holding patterns' as she works to release them, both physically and emotionally."
Cynthia Yaguda, C.A., Oriental Medicine Doctor

"Anne Alyse Ostis is a warm, compassionate person who offers her clients knowledgeable techniques and is a spiritual light with her overall healing."
Monica Avilla, Personal Fitness Trainer

"Anne Alyse is very intuitive. She has helped me to clarify how to make positive changes in my life to empower me and enhance my well-being."
Cathy Leavitt, Contract Administrator

"Anne Alyse has helped me greatly over the years to heal my M.S. (Muscular Sclerosis ). Her graceful presence and the intuitive guidance of her hands helps me enter deeper places within myself, increasing my awareness of where my energy is blocked.  With gentle encouragement, she encourages me to move old, stagnant energy, creating space for greater ease and connection with my authentic self, resulting in a calmer, more vibrant nervous system.  Her work is completely unique, sensitive and transformational. "
Carole Lenzini, Therapeutic Massage Practitioner

"My work with Anne Alyse has helped me move beyond old health issues and behavior patterns into self-acceptance and fulfillment in my life."
Elena Powell, Singer/Musician and Artist

"I've been seeing Anne Alyse for over a year and have had amazing results!  After working with a podiatrist, a chiropractor and a physical therapist, I decided to try acupuncture for a very stubborn and painful achilles injury.  She did amazing work and in just a few treatments I was back to running.  Throughout the course of our acupuncture treatments, I learned that Anne Alyse also does energy healing and massage therapy.  I see her pretty regularly now for these services - her massage is the best and her energy work always leave me feeling, well, energized!  I almost always call her the next day full of gratitude as I consistently feel lighter, and happier, and more "in my flow" after a session with Anne Alyse!  Last but not least, she is a good, kind, lovely human being and it is a pleasure to spend time with her." 
Sandy Palicio, San Jose, CA.

“I’m so grateful for the amazing work I have had with Anne. I was hit by 3 cars on Highway 17 in January. I was brought to the emergency room thinking I would never be the same. After only 4 sessions I am better than I was before the accident. Her amazing technique of both acupuncture and massage has helped me exponentially! I highly recommend this amazing practitioner.”

Maria S, Los Gatos, CA.

"Excellent massage and acupuncture, I had my first massage here today and I will be recommending her to all my friends and family. Anne Alyse is so calm and professional, she has great energy and is totally on a mission to heal your body. I will definitely be coming back and am blessed to have found her."

Pam N, Sunnyvale, CA.

"I am dependent on my body feeling healthy and strong for my job, and I go to Anne Alyse to help keep me that way!  I have seen her for shoulder pain, a low back strain and gut inflammation.  She fixed me up in 1 or 2 sessions for each condition (they all occurred separately), and knew exactly what to do.  She has phenomenal intuition, and an amazing understanding of anatomy and the mind-body connection.  She's also super fun to work with, and always seems up to date with new techniques or herbal treatments.  I love how she incorporates some focused myofascial release into her acupuncture.  Love love the work she does!!! Thank you!"

Vanessa N, Los Gatos, CA.